Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bulletin from Brighton

a corner of the drawing room of our Brighton 'rooms' [click to enlarge]

We are continuing to languish somewhat lazily, but enjoyably, in our Brighton 'rooms' making the most of the sea air before our return shortly to Budapest. During this time we have been somewhat neglectful of both commenting and posting, for which we apologise profusely.

It is our intention to publish a new post at the start of March, and we are much looking forward to having the time to catch up with all of our Followers and Friends early next week.

N.B. A number of people who have been kind enough to leave comments on our last post have expressed concern that the comment has disappeared. This is not in fact so, but any comments, over the total of 200, do not appear unless a further comment is made. They are, we assure you, all valued and published, along with a reply to each one. This appears to be one of the latest of the Blogger Blips!!

Thursday 2 February 2012

How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

Without wishing to cause offence to anyone, let us simply say that Trevor is not a name we should choose. But Trevor, who entered our lives as recently as early this week, arrived ready named and we should, indeed, most likely be thought more than a little heartless, callous even, to impose an alternative after some seventy or more years.

Trevor, whose wistful expression captured our hearts [click to enlarge images]

So, Trevor it is. And Trevor it will remain. Some will recall that in the late spring of last year we wrote of our joy and delight [not without reason should we be thought of as Peter Pan and Wendy] at the acquisition of a dolls' house. Hove Villa, as it has become, is particularly special as, manufactured in 1910, it is a product of Lines Brothers, later renamed Triang, of which the grandson of the founding brothers, Jeremy, remains a friend and with whom, together with his Belgian born wife, Claire, we shall lunch next Tuesday.

looking into the kitchen of Hove Villa which dates from 1910

Which brings us back to Trevor or, if familiarity is to be the order of the day, Trev. Although, on reflection, that is just a little too vulgar. For Trevor is also a product of Lines Brothers, or more accurately their subsidiary 'International Model Aircraft Limited, and dates from the years prior to the Second World War.

the underside of Trevor with original label dating from the 1930s

So imagine the excitement we felt [remember, we are inhabitants of Never Never Land] when reading one of Vintage Jane's as always charming posts to be swept away by the sight of Trevor, beady-eyed and lovingly worn, staring at us across the blogosphere.

Trevor pictured with one eye cast in a seaward direction

And so, for now, Trevor is happily re-homed keeping, or so we trust, a weather eye on sea and shore. Such foolish things!