Sunday 31 January 2021

Us, Ourselves and We

'Teddy, Jane and Lance At Home', Painting by Orr Máté

In this era of 'Me, Myself and I', when social media is littered with flattering images, mostly, one suspects, photoshopped to a greater or lesser degree, of beautiful people intent on recognition, self advertisement and/or self promotion, we hesitate, after an absence of almost six years, to appear to follow the same route. But lest we should be totally forgotten by those who have faithfully continued to follow, we felt a little reminder might not go amiss. And for this we ask your indulgence.

The painting, 'Teddy, Jane and Lance At Home', now hanging in our Budapest Drawing Room, was not a commission. We should hope that our arrogance does not extend that far. Rather the artist, Orr Máté, to write the name in the Hungarian way, thought, with a portrait competition in mind, that it might be fun to portray Teddy, who has not had a public outing for some considerable time, in this way. We are included to give balance to the composition! That said, we were, and are, delighted to have Teddy immortalised on canvas and, even more so, to count Máté as one of our closest friends here in Hungary. Represented by the Várfok Gallery in Budapest, he has established an international reputation and his work is now widely collected.

These are uncertain, difficult and challenging times when human contact, real and virtual, perhaps matters more than ever before. What better time to make a come back to the world of Blogger and to catch up with past friends and, hopefully, forge friendships anew. 

Drawing Room, Budapest

Teddy on the Regency sofa on this Winter afternoon

We much look forward to the times ahead.